Saturday, May 12, 2018

Saturday, May 12, 2018
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Auroras, based in Vancouver, BC, found its beginnings from the ashes of its members' prior projects, Columbia (Richard Jacquard - vocals, guitar, Brian Welsch - drums) and City Walls (Brian Welsch, Nate Parsons - bass). Built on the imagery that the band's name represnets, coming from Richard's love for astronomy and the northern lights, the sound is alt rock at its centre, with spacey guitars and haunting cavernous vocals. As Columbia reached its end of days, Brian joined City Walls with Nate, and Richard quickly started work on the new project that would become Auroras, writing and recording with close friend Owen Connell, under the close watch of Jesse Karr and Rain City Recorders. The studio itself gave life to the sounds and imagery that would later be reflected in Auroras debut album "Broken Beats". In this studio, resting near the train tracks in Vancouver's Railtown neighbourhood, an area with deep industrial history and a colourful local demographic, Richard, Owen and Jesse pulled many elements from their natural surroundings into the guitar, keyboard and vocal sounds the album reflects. With the band taking the sounds on the road, Richard, Brian and Nate have pulled that spacey, raw, and atmospheric nature to the forefront to bring new life to Richard's original vision.

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