Friday, August 23, 2019

Friday, August 23, 2019


Garden Mice claims to be a band that makes music, but we have no proof of that being true. There are pictures of the lead singer Martin Grice holding a guitar, putting his hands on a keyboard, putting his mouth to a microphone and even a trumpet, but those could be shopped for all I know. This Martin Grice character also claims to play all the instruments on the albums but personally I think he is an industry plant and that the whole thing is done by session players. The “live performance” photos also feature Neil Dayton playing a bass and singing, Roy Marshall playing guitar and singing, and Jake McRitchie playing drums and singing, but again it is my personal opinion that this is all a sham. The “albums” that this so called “Garden Mice” claims to make “himself” blend subgenres of rock and jazz together but again I want to remind the reader of my firm belief that these musical productions are all just fabrications.

But you know who makes really good music, Squib! He wears a cool hat and a stripy sweater and is just an all-around nice guy. If Squib asked me to take care of his dog for a weekend I would because he has been such a good friend to me and I just love him so much. He uses cool instruments like synthesizers and drum machines which are cool, he doesn’t use guitars cuz those are dumb.

This was NOT written by Squib

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